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For centuries, humanity has been attacked by an alien species known as shapeshifters. These aliens have the ability to transform into what they want.
They can easily integrate into any type of population and wreak havoc wherever they venture for the sole purpose of plundering anything that may have value.

Crystal Hunters

You are a Crystal Hunter, you are part of the crew of a spacecraft.
Your mission is to explore different planets in search of energy crystals, a dangerous resource to manipulate but also extremely rare and coveted by many.

The threat

Just before arriving in orbit of the first planet to be explored, a radio signal informs you that shapeshifters have infiltrated your ship and are impersonating members of the crew.
However, the mission cannot be cancelled and you will have to complete the mission while trying to unmask the intruders on board. For this, you will compose expedition teams that will go in search of energy crystals on the planets to be explored.
You will have to make the right choices when composing teams. If the shapeshifters manage to interfere in the expeditions, they could steal the crystals from us, kill other members of the crew, or even destroy the ship.


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